Double CROSS

Double Cross is a head to head race against another car. The bracket will proceed by single elimination until an over all winner, 2nd place and 3rd place drivers are identified. Test runs on the course will be allowed as time permits until 12:00 PM at which point the official competition will begin.

The Double Cross course is comprised of a tarmac course where each driver starts at the same time. The driver on the inside track will complete a lap and then proceed to the outside track while his/her opponent will first drive the outside loop and then proceed to the inner loop. Both drivers effectively drive the same distance but neither car will be in danger of making contact with the other during this head to head race. Winning is simple, just finish both laps before the other driver can! Timing will not be offered.


We continue to experiment with classes so please bear with us and let us have all your feedback so we can make them better and better! If you race Double Cross you’ll need to select a class during check out on the website. All classes require 200 tread wear or better. The classes are:


Just what it sounds like. This category is for BRZs and similar no non-turbo vehicles.


For all Subarus equipped with factory OEM turbos.


Sky’s the limit! *Must still adhere to 200 tread wear requirement.

Car Show Double Entry

It is possible to have your car in the car show in addition to racing Double Cross but be advised that it is your responsibility to locate the car show judges and be sure they judge your vehicle before 2pm. The judges will not attempt to find your car if it isn’t parked in the car show, so you’ll need to bring them to your vehicle. Also, understand that it’s likely your car won’t be as clean as it could due to racing and you may not score full points for cleanliness in the car show as a result.


You and a friend or family member may co-drive the same vehicle. Both parties must register separately at full price for Double Cross. Both parties must also complete a tech inspection of the vehicle and turn in the required form (see below).

Tech Inspection

A completed tech self-inspection (MANDATORY) must be filled out. Print and fill out the form. Be sure to bring it with you on the day of the vent. Vehicles failing to meet safety standards on day of event will be disqualified from participation. Please note that you will also be required to wear a DOT approved helmet during driving activities. A limited number of helmets will be available for rental at the event. Refunds will not be issued, so be sure you take the inspection seriously.

Download Tech Card

All drivers participating in Double Cross must purchase registration and complete a tech card. Driver's may co-drive the same car but must still register separately. Only one tech card need be presented for a co-driven vehicle.