This is NOT the final schedule so check back closer to the show in case the timeline changes.

8:00 AM vehicle move in for car show

After passing checkpoint and signing waivers, car show participants will be directed by event staff to parking places. Swap meet participants will be directed to their space. As you approach the entrance to PPIR, you will pass a registration checkpoint where you will get your goodie bag, race number if applicable and any extra swag you purchased with your registration. Each person entering the property will sign a waiver as well. We hope to move everyone into the site as quickly as possible but there could be a delay depending on attendance. You can speed things up if you bring a pen and walk up to the PPIR staff to get a waiver to fill out in your car as you approach the checkpoint. This way you can just hand it over and drive right in. If you want to be positioned by friends it is VERY IMPORTANT that you all arrive together and enter in a line.

9:00 AM drivers meeting

This safety briefing and course familiarization is MANDATORY for all drivers wishing to participate in Double Down or Drag Racing.

9:00 AM Car show judging Begins

Judges will begin to make the rounds to judge each car present. You are encouraged to stay with your vehicle during the judging to answer questions from judges. You may also place a small sign with your car to help judges understand what modifications you may have made to the car.

9:45 AM driving events begin

Your car must be in the proper grid position by this time in order to compete.


This year, we're doing Jackassery at a specific time. Racing activity will be temporarily halted while we carry out this extremely serious contest.

11:30 AM Alternate Drivers meetinG

Drivers arriving late may still enter Double Down or Drag Racing but must arrive in time to attend this alternate driver's meeting for safety and course information. Attending either the 9AM meeting or the 11:30AM meeting is acceptable. One is mandatory before placing car in grid.


At 3PM we will announce the winners of all prize events for Growl Fest.