The car show component of Growl Fest is intended to have a casual atmosphere where you can catch up with old friends, make new ones and maybe get a little drool on the hood of your friend's ride.


With the exception of the Off-Road Prepared category, each of these classes are judged on similar criteria. This is a car show, so cleanliness counts. There are several factors that are taken into account during the judging process. Check out this guide for helping you score the best you can. TLDR version- quality of installation, cleanliness, creativity, innovation are what counts. Anyone can drop money on a project (if they have the dough) but what really scores points are interesting concepts and obvious effort put into your project. Mods installed with skill and precision will score more points than items sloppily bolted on. Our judges want to see that you bled your passion into this car.

2002 to 2007

Old School (2001 and earlier)

Got an FA20 swapped Subaru 360? This is where you'll enter it. All models from this year range are welcome in this class.

Classic. Simple. Awesome. Enter this category for 2002 to 2007 Subaru vehicles of all models.

2015 and Up (including BRZ/FRS)

2008 to 2014

Look at you and your fancy 15+ Subaru! Enter this category if you have a late model car you'd like to show off. This is also a category for BRZ and FRS vehicles. In the future, if we have enough of the 2WD cars, we'll add a category for them.

Subaru all grown-up. Let's see what your mid-era Subaru looks like.


Off-Road Prepared

This category is for Subarus that are modified for tackling tough terrain, prepared for off-piste racing or recreatonal use. Bonus points for creativty and uniqueness. This is the one category where cleanliness and finish is weighted at a lesser degree so bring on the primer and rock chips. Instead we’ll harshly judge your welding chops, and safety wire twisting ability.



We use the Chariotz Judge system for our car show. Spectators and participants are advised to download the Chariotz app. You can use the Chariotz app to scan the QR code on each car to learn more about the vehicle and "like" the cars you think stand out.